Dr Vending is our solution to Recommended Daily Allowance concerns

Informing Consumer Choice

Consumer awareness continues to grow around Recommended Daily Allowances (RDAs) in fat, salt and caloric consumption.

At the same time, Companies health & safety policies are proactively reinforcing the health message and this is now being supported across central and local government departments and Agencies about RDA’s and the ‘5 a Day’ Programme.

Our device enables the consumer to make an informed vending choice at the point of purchase.

What We Do

We are consultants/advisers to the vending industry with years of expertise across maintenance and support of vending operations and contracts.

We have developed an information interface that addresses consumer concerns about their nutritional options at the vending point of sale.

We work with our vending clients in tailoring healthy choice options specific to each sites requirements and vending needs. These vending solutions are bespoke to each vending client and can carry company-specific messages.

We develop with our vending clients appropriate support messages that can be relayed electronically in our DRV devices in each vending machine.

Dr Vending

Vending Machine