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Vending Machines for Hire In Glasgow

For Glasgow-based businesses, our Vending Services are more than a hired vending machine supplied, stocked and maintained. The vending machines for hire in Glasgow, from us, are stocked, maintained, and serviced by our in-house trained and compassionate team.

Healthy Eating Choices from our kitchen to your vending machine…

We’re the perfect starting point to introduce a health and wellness program for your organisation.

  • Energise your team
  • Motivate them
  • Let them know you’re an employer who cares about their health.

Hungry staff are stressed workers… and that increases sick days.

Nourished staff are energised, more focused and therefore more productive.

You don’t need a staffed canteen to provide healthy eating choices to your staff and/or customers.

With our range of vending machines for hire, available right now, there’s enough variety for your organisation to automate a canteen – even on a very limited space.

Mix and Match Your Vending Machine Requirements to Suit What You Need

Choose from…Cold refreshment vending machines

  • Water coolers
  • Tea and Coffee for the office (freshbrew, instant and bean to cup)
  • Sweets, crisps and breakfast bars

All without you having to worry about the inventory or even the overheads.

4-Hour Response Time: Minimum Downtime

Our staff are highly trained to operate, maintain and service all our vending machines. We have engineers available around Glasgow 7-days a week. You’ll never be in the dark wondering where a subcontractor is because we don’t use any.

Any technical problems get a 4-hour response time. We’ll even give you an accurate ETA when you call as all our vehicles are fitted with modern tracking systems. We take keeping our clients customers fed and watered seriously.

We care about a number of other things too. Like recycling, Save-a-Cup to reduce waste and have a number of waste management partnerships in place to reduce our environmental footprint, which transfers into your businesses environmental footprint too.

We even maintain a cycle of menus on our vending machines to keep them being used because we know our food is healthy. Well, there are options, but our food is colour flagged using red and green helping customers choose their food more carefully if they want.

Our sandwich vending machines currently have 40 fillings for you to choose from. It’s like calling up a local sandwich store and having a batch of sandwiches delivered. Only with us, the sandwiches are made fresh, stocked in suitable vending machine, delivered to your premises ready for when your staff or customers need a bite to eat.

Our Food Vending Machines can stock and serve hot breakfast rolls, Panini’s for lunch, and for the long shifts, there’s big eat soups, Bridie’s, Scotch pies, hot pots, curries and chilli – that’s just a few of the options we can cater to.

All part of our service.

Any size of business can be catered to with a range of vending machines for hire from us – Vending Services. Hot beverages for the office, snacks and meals for the 24-hour operation businesses.

Hot Drinks Vending Machines

Whatever your organisation needs, we can tailor a solution to work with you. Whether that’s a water cooler for your reception area, or dedicated floor space for an automated canteen, stocked and maintained to feed and hydrate up to 1,000 employees and more if you have the space.

Find out how we can help your business keep your staff hydrated and well-nourished so you can see higher employee satisfaction, increased productivity and a much happier and healthier workforce.

Get in contact with us today, tell us a good time for one of our Glasgow Engineers or supervisors to call you back and they’ll listen to what you need and work with you to tailor a vending machine package delivering what you need.