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Our Team



Our Managing Director John Bell has many years of experience in the Vending industry and has grown through the ranks of leading national vending companies to Director level as well as being a past chairman of the Automatic Vending Association for Scotland where he gained invaluable experience.


The most valuable experience learned over the last 20 years was anyone can provide a vending machine it is how you look after it that matters.


The team supporting you is the company’s best asset and John has recruited the cream of the vending industry to head up Finance, Operations, Technical and Installations.


With the best equipment supplied looked after by a dedicated well trained smart operator you start right from day one.


It is down to the account being managed pro actively and regular communication between both parties.


This is where Vending Services Ltd excel themselves.


We start right from day one with a launch of the equipment a “Go Live” experience for all the staff ensuring right from the start the products offered are to your staffs satisfaction and priced at a level expected.


Then the real care and attention to detail begins with the machines being fully stocked, properly cleaned and fully maintained as well as being included in our preventative maintenance programme.


To ensure menu fatigue does not occur new products are introduced every month together with discounted products to compliment the best sellers.


The account is managed by your Operations Manager and all calls are handled by friendly well versed Scottish based staff.


Our success is totally down to the individuals that work with us not for us.

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