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Hot Drinks Machines

By working with several of the main hot drinks machine manufacturers allows us to offer a superb range of equipment that can be tailored to each of our customers individual requirements.

The choice of machines and individual drinks choices include instant coffee, fresh brew tea and coffee or drinks made from freshly ground coffee beans to match the quality of the high street coffee shops.

Snack Vending Machines

Our range of snacks and combination snack and cold drinks vendors are designed to meet most clients needs with the 30 selection machines offering the smaller business a wide range for staff and customers through to the larger models designed to cope with high demand.

All of our snack machine can offer a wide range of payments systems from the traditional coin and note payment or the increasingly popular ways to pay with debit/credit card and mobile phone allowing the customer a greater choice of payment options.

Cold Drink Vendors

No matter the requirements we have a range of cold drinks vendors that give the customer the opportunity to provide staff or customers with both bottled and canned drinks. As the range of drink products increase the machines are designed to allow various can and bottle sized drinks to vend easy allowing a greater choice of refreshments.

Food Venors

Our range of food vendors allow customers to provide plated meals, rolls, fruit, sandwiches and many more items from a chilled vendor. These machines are designed to cope with high demand and with a revolving carousel gives the customer an opportunity to view the products before choosing.

Combination Vending Machines


A compact machine style with a range of crisps, Confectionery, biscuits, chilled drinks in cans and bottles.


All in one compact machine. We have various models capacities and sizes from leading manufacturers.

Water Coolers

As the demand for healthier products increase most businesses recognise the need to offer staff freshly chilled water within the workplace. Our range of coolers include the traditional bottled water coolers with the water bottle sitting on top however we have a wide range of coolers that can utilise mains fed water and by using a filtered system ensures freshly chilled and filtered water.

Bespoke Housing Units & Coffee Towers

The appearance of a vending service can be personalised and enhanced by utilising a vending housing to incorporate vending machines or a coffee tower to house the coffee machine and all the ancillaries required within one small area.
Please see attached some of our examples and we are happy to offer this as part of our services to personalise to customers’ requirements.

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