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Flavia Creation 600

The FLAVIA Creation 600 from Lavazza Professional offers the very latest cutting edge FLAVIA technology. Built with intuitive touchscreen and mobile app, automatic cup stand and advanced milk frothing capabilities for total customisation and the perfect brew every time.

Crane Linea

Crane’s Linea is the latest addition to their sought-after coffee machine range. Combining their pioneering technology with excellent design, Crane have engineered the Linea to produce the perfect coffee at the touch of a button. It’s a fully customisable one-stop coffee shop capable of dispensing a wide-range of fresh beverages and refreshments. The intuitive digital-touch screen menu makes drink selection easy, even with its comprehensive beverage range. Durable, simple to use, and tastefully designed, the Linea is the perfect solution for any environment.


Westmatic Primo Compact

The Primo Compact combines quality coffee, customisable drinks and compatibility with any location. Sitting pretty; this Primo is the perfect fit for hotels, restaurants, retail stores, offices and beyond! Very versatile due to its compact height, this must-have machine is just 60cm tall and provides a fresh milk option.

Korinto Prime


Korinto Prime is aimed at the HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Café) market, complementing Necta’s range with its multi-drink dispenser solutions. With a sturdy stylish design that features a stainless steel delivery area able to accommodate up to 24 cm jugs, perfect illumination and a capacitive keypad, Korinto Prime easily complements any environment it is placed in. A fantastic automatic multi-drink dispenser, it enhances any small or medium sized establishment, such as hotels, bed & breakfast premises, club houses as well as refreshment areas for business and education.



Designed for day to day coffee service in high quality hotels and especially for breakfast coffee, Karisma represents outstanding dispense speed and high productivity (up to 200 cups per hour). Karisma offers a wide customizable range of hot drinks based on authentic Italian espresso coffee beans and fresh milk, or soluble products such as chocolate.
The new super automatic Karisma is characterised by a contemporary and elegant Italian design, compact dimensions, stylish accessories and eye catching touch screen interface.  Karisma, the Italian touch.

So Pure Platinum

The So Pure Platinum Espresso offers you the combination of unrivalled style and quality of our bean to cup Platinum Collection coffee machines at an alternative size to suit any environment, the Platinum Espresso is a perfect commercial & office coffee machine. Manufactured from high quality materials including high quality Swiss brew system, pump and grinder. So Pure Espresso offers a go large or go decaf option particularly suitable for HoReCa industry, Office Coffee Service, hotel catering businesses and convenience stores.

Why not choose our So Pure digital TFT screen and create the bigger picture, with the taste impact of a bean to cup beverage machine capture the drinker with company news, services or branding products. Where better to capture advertising, than when the drink is being dispensed?




As of fall 2015, Wittenborg adds a new touch to hot beverage vending: The launch of the Wittenborg 9100 range features a user-friendly touch screen technology to set new standards. 9100 is the new generation of Wittenborg vending machines, a further leap forward in design and technology from the success of the previous 7100 series. It offers a wide specter of selections and choices made easy by the intuitive interface of the 10” HD screen, visually guiding the user.


Krea Touch


The Necta KREA Touch is a stunning new Bean to Cup Coffee Machine to add to the already impressive Necta range.


With an elegant new design to compliment the high quality internal components, the Krea Touch is the ideal Coffee Machine for Offices, Hotels, Meeting Areas & Takeaway locations where it is essential to produce Barista quality Coffee at the touch of a button.


Featuring a new 7 inch touch screen, this allows users to easily navigate through the Menu or simply select the preferred speciality from an endless selection of Drink options.


A 1.2kg Hopper is combined with 3 further canisters for Decaff Coffee, Milk & Hot Chocolate to ensure the freshest Cup of Coffee or Chocolate can be prepared in seconds.


With the robust patented Brew Unit, the Krea Touch is versatile and can be programmed for and array cup sizes such as 7oz, 9oz or 12oz.


A direct Water connection and user-friendly Cleaning Cycles guarantee the Krea Touch daily maintenance is quick and simple.

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