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Vending Machines for Hire In Edinburgh

Snack vending machines are everywhere – in train stations, hospitals, colleges and universities, the list goes on. However these electromechanical convenience stores are most useful in the workplace.

Almost every business can benefit from the addition of a unit or two, and Vending Services LTD can provide the ideal snack vending machine to suit your workplace.

Providing dispensed food to your team using a vending machine could boost your workplace’s productivity and employee satisfaction rates, which, in one study of 1,200 staff members, translated to a 150% return on investment!

When employees don’t have to leave the office to quench their thirst or satisfy their hunger, they will spend more time being productive at work and less on searching for something to eat.

Whether you have an office that needs a hot drinks vending machine for a meeting room or have a large factory in Edinburgh that needs a range of food and drink systems for the employees’ canteen, Vending Services LTD will supply & maintain your vending machine to suit your requirements.

Bespoke Vending Machines

Whether it’s part of a canteen you have earmarked for vending machines or an area of your offices in Edinburgh that needs a variety of snack and drink systems branded with your corporate logo and colours, Vending Services LTD can design and install bespoke housing units and systems to suit any environment.

Cold Drink Vending Machines

We provide a range of ice cold drink vending machines In Edinburgh fully stocked with all kinds of cans, cartons and bottles from the UK’s best loved soft drink brands, including Coca Cola & Britvic.

Fresh Food & Sandwich Vending Machines

From sandwiches and savouries to full meals, Vending Services LTD can supply, install and maintain a wide variety of hot and cold food vending machines In Edinburgh to suit the specific requirements of your office, factory, university or hospital.

Hot Drinks Vending Machines

We provide a range of hot drink machines to suit your requirements, including Espresso Machines, Free Standing Hot Drinks Machines, & Table Top Hot Drinks Machines. From instant tea to a fresh brew of coffee, our machines utilise the most advanced vending technology for all environments where a high quality warm beverage needs to be served quickly and efficiently.

Snacks & Confectionery Vending Machines

Our range of snack and confectionery vending machines is supplied with all of the top brands that will ensure all employees, customers and visitors can purchase their favourite crisps, chocolate and sweets.