Vending Machines for Hire In Fife

Because it’s the right thing to do for your employees and your business.

Workplaces throughout Fife without the budget for a full suite canteen. With Vending Services, we can give you the full menu you’d have in a top-of-the-line canteen at a fraction of the cost, and we even cycle the menus preventing staff from getting menu fatigue. We’re here to help keep your workers eating healthy by putting nutritious snacks, sandwiches, and hot meals in places where people need them.

There’s Vending choices galore…

  • Hot main meals for shift workers
  • Hot rolls for waiting areas such as those supplied, serviced and maintained in train stations and bus stations across the UK
  • Hot drinks for the office
  • Cold refreshments for the labour intense workforce
  • And water coolers for everywhere with thirsty people.

We Care about Nutrition and We Care about Vending

When you hire a vending machine from us, it’s a full-service package and we don’t tack on extra to your invoices for lending a hand.

Need your vending machine moved to a more convenient location? Ask us to move it without worrying about a service charge dropping onto your next invoice.

Our team are working with organisations across Fife to increase employee productivity by putting healthy eating options and refreshments where it’s most convenient. Where people are actively spending the majority of the time, every working day.

Make the working days more productive and put a smile back on the faces of all your employees.

Hire a Vending Machine with Our Healthy Eating Logo

Sign post the most nourishing meals to help your staff eat healthy with our Healthy Eating Logo vending machines. This is our food uniquely crafted specifically for vending. Nutritious meals from our kitchen to your vending machine.

Choices of Vending Machines for Hire

It’s not just hot food we supply. We have vending machines for hire stocked with sandwiches (choice of 40 fillings), healthy snacks (yogurts, scones and vitamin rich fruit juices), pasta pots, Paninis and vending machines with a range of soups.

Mix and Match to Create Your Own Auto-Vended Canteen

Our team can work with you to create a bespoke housing unit to be used as an Automatic Canteen. One area on your premises, fully stocked, maintained, cleaned and serviced by vending specialists.

We’re serving the hard-working staff of Fife-based businesses with a range of leading brands from Coke to Walkers. Nestle to Cadbury, and an offering of drinks you’d expect on the highstreet, only vended from your very own auto canteen.

  • Bean to cup
  • Freshbrew drinks
  • Instant brew
  • And Fairtrade too

All of these hot drinks, foods, even main meals to feed shift workers is available today.

We have the vending machines for hire across Fife today.

Give us a call and we’ll have our in-house factory trained engineer call you back within four hours (or at a time that’s convenient to you) to hear what you’d like to have on your premises and work with you to deliver a package that’s right for your organisation – and the people within it.